Pending Projects 

Our most recent major projects, which are awaiting Government approval, are the development of an ultramodern Shopping Centre in Chaguanas of over 500,000 sq. ft. in GLA and another enclosed Mall in Trincity (Trincity Village Centre)

Other pending projects:

  1. Centre City Mall expansion onto eight (8) acres of land bounding the UBH’way and Mulchan Seuchan Road
  1. Trincity Village Centre, a new shopping experience onto 8 acres of land, to be located on Trincity Central Road, north of Republic Bank

Other Land Holdings and Projects:

  1. Development of 464 Acres of Land in Las Cuevas – having a Blue Flag status
  2. Development a Commercial Plot on lands located next to The Villas at Haleland Park
  3. Development of Lands Victory Street, Arima (formerly Trinidad Textiles).
  4. Development of six (6) residential plots in Trincity
  5. Development and extension of Starlite Shopping Plaza on recently acquired lands.
  6. Development of Lands located next to the RC Church on Saddle Road to create a community center that will house retail spaces, a food court, and more  – which is in high demand in the area.
  7. Development of warehouses in El Socorro

Our property holdings also include a real estate portfolio of many other high-end properties located in Western Trinidad.