The Board of Directors 

George Aboud – Chairman

Our Chairman has been at the helm of the GASL group from its incorporation. He remains head of this operation and the development of the Boutique Brand and the decision to enter the manufacturing of fabric in Trinidad. Mr. Aboud realised that the fabric trade was becoming highly competitive and closed the business to enter into the real estate industry to where we are today. Mr. Aboud possess a range of knowledge to steer the group in the most profitable direction.

Gerald Aboud

Gerald is the managing director of the Starlite Pharmacy brand and has been instrumental in developing the brand/image into a first call a recognizable brand in our country. His immediate vision is the opening of new store as well as other key stand-alone lines that he is currently developing.

Edward Aboud

Edward is a director with our Group and assists his father George in developing the various projects that are in the pipeline for the Group. His knowledge of the real estate industry is in-depth and is just one of the ingredients that would see him at the helm of the GASL Group one day.

Rebecca Aboud

Rebecca is the youngest member on the board of directors and has been working at both Starlite Trinidad and at GASL so that one day she too will be well trained to assist in the further development of the Group.